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ENCAP Technologies, LLC
Corporate Headquarters

Suite 1500
400 Galleria Parkway, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

ENCAP's Ohio Lab:

"The Birthplace of CoForm"

8821 Washington Church Rd.
Miamisburg (South Dayton), Ohio 45342

Learn More About Our Chairman & CTO

Robert G. Bayless, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer.

Robert A. Gist, J.D., President & CEO

ENCAP's Patent Lawyer
Foley & Lardner, LLP
Washington, DC

Corporate formation by the law firm of:
Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Berkowitz, & Caldwell, P.C. under the laws of the State of Georgia.

Robert G. Bayless

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2001 -- Present, ENCAP Technologies, LLC

Robert G. Bayless, Chairman & Chief Technology Officer


Perfected the Encapsulation of Electro luminescent (EEL) Phosphors and invented a polymeric coating which is impermeable to oxygen and moisture and allows for the prevention of global corrosion.

1990 -- 1998 Bayless Enterprises, Inc.

Robert G. Bayless, Chairman & CEO


Founded Bayless Enterprises, Inc. for the purposes of further perfecting the process of Microencapsulation of Electro luminescent (EL's) Phosphors and Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED's) and other particles while researching the expansion of conformal coatings.

1973 -- 1990 Capsulated Systems Inc.

Robert G. Bayless, Chairman & CEO

Detailed Relevant Achievements Include:

  • Development of microencapsulation system for Mariculture feeds. Laboratory tests indicated improved health and growth of marine animals.

  • Invented microencapsulated adhesive locking system (CAPLOK) for threaded fasteners (bolts, screws). Replacement for expensive, clumsy mechanical locking devices.

  • Patented (MACAP) conformal coating for a wide variety of corrosion inhibition applications. A form of the coating (AVCAP) underwent extensive test program and was approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for its Qualified Products List for use in protecting electronic circuits.

  • Microencapsulated catalysts used in plastics molding industry. These are highly volatile, combustible materials. Their microencapsulation was a particularly noteworthy achievement.

  • Developed a microencapsulated toner, which currently is used by one of the largest copier manufacturers in the world.

  • Microencapsulated agrochemicals (herbicides and insecticides) for the world's largest agrochemical company.

  • Developed ZnCAP, a zinc-rich primer using pseudo-encapsulated zinc; a unique corrosion inhibition product ferrous metal.

  • Invented SPOT-A-WAY, a personal-use, disposable spot remover using microencapsulated dry cleaning fluid (1,1,1 trichloroethane).

  • Patented EELS, an electro-luminescent light system using microencapsulated electroluminescent phosphors.

  • Invented F'Y'R'CAP, a microencapsulated fire retardant product.

  • Invented SILCAP, a lubricant system employing microencapsulated silicon oil.

  • Microencapsulated fragrances for controlled release application.


1961 -- 1964
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
MS -Polymer Chemistry

1953 -- 1956
Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio
BS- Chemistry