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Background - the Dilemma

For more than 70 years, organic protective coatings have been the pinnacle of global corrosion management and prevention. With the extraordinary growth of both infrastructure and the energy industry, as well as the world's need to restore its deteriorating edifices, the need to virtually stop global corrosion is both apparent and immediate.

The Solution

ENCAP Technologies, LLC (ENCAP) has successfully formulated CoForm™, the world's first patented resin-based, high-performance organic coating that is both flexible and impermeable to oxygen, water, and moisture vapor. This industrial-grade coating has been extensively tested. CoFormneither inhibits nor slows corrosion; rather, it blocks out corrosion-causing elements thereby becoming life-extension technology for all metal surfaces. CoFormis a disruptive coating technology that is commercial-ready to transform corrosion management.

Worldwide Patents

Receiving its first patent in 2003, ENCAP has strategically developed several high-performance impermeable coatings that have been protected by 17 patents, of which 6 have been granted by US and 11 from foreign institutions, including The State Intellectual Property Office in PR China. Through independent laboratory testing, ENCAP has successfully completed the requisite proof-of-concept, and has well-documented repeatability of its processes, as well as reproducibility of consistent results in the production of these coatings.

Third Party Test Results

CoFormhas been aggressively tested by four internationally recognized independent third-party testing labs and has produced exceptional results. These labs have tested more than 605 test samples including thin-film samples, 9 different types of metal panels, as well as glass and fiberglass panels. These samples have been subjected to more than 21 different ASTM International test methods/standards for a combined total of 90 tests — validating CoForm's integrity as an innovative and disruptive coating technology the industry will embrace.

How CoForm™ Differs from the Competition

Unlike most competing coatings, CoFormcreates and maintains an intimate and flexible bond with metal at its molecular surface level. CoFormwas not formulated merely to chemically bond to the surface of metal, but rather to macroencapsulate the surface thus forming an outer barrier layer. The results of this chemical process are superior to those of typical "bonding" by other organic coatings. Tried, tested, and proven, CoFormalso can be sprayed directly over oxidized surfaces to contain any amount of corrosion on the metal substrate's surface via oxygen deprivation, keeping out oxygen, water, and moisture vapor.

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