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ENCAP Can Leverage Core Technology Through Multiple Applications

For the microencapsulation of EELs and OLEDs, many flat panel display engineers and researchers have only imagined the countless possibilities for the future of flat panel displays. These experts predict that in the distant future a computer user will be able to roll up his monitor and place it in his brief case -- or even in his pocket. Homeowners will be able to hang their television screens and monitors on walls just as they would an ultra-thin, lightweight picture frame. These potential applications and countless others have led corporations worldwide to allocate billions of dollars towards researching and developing methods to control, protect, and manipulate organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine having a flat panel display as large as the Washington Monument with a resolution of 3,072 x 2,700 dpi -- millions of pixels beyond print clarity.

Imagine removing this panel from the Washington Monument and wrapping the Pentagon with it without degradation in quality, output, integrity, safety, or indestructibility.

Imagine a paper-thin, flexible, lightweight, emissive, durable, and energy-efficient panel with uncharacteristically high refresh rates and light switching efficiency that is inexpensive to operate.

Imagine developing technology that would enable manufacturers to substantially reduce the retail cost of a flat panel display while maintaining unparalleled resolution and quality.

Imagine commercializing a coating only 5 mils (5/1000 inch) thick that could eliminate corrosion of bridges and other steel structures, provide homes with a primer that could eliminate the need to repaint for up to 25 years, and reduce the loss of electrical energy from power lines by 4 times and from cable lines by 8 times -- all of this while meeting the Department of Defense's applications standards for its QPL Program (such as MIL-I-46058).

Making Yesterday's Visions Tomorrow's Realities

Because of ENCAP's perfection of micro-encapsulation and macro-encapsulation processes and CoForm(a product), these results can now be realized. With this core technology, commercial possibilities for making yesterday's visions tomorrow's realities are infinite.

Our "proof of concept" of this technology is simple. We have microencapsulated not only EELs but also water. Logic, then, would suggest that if we can microencapsulate and indefinitely contain water, then we can microencapsulate particles and coat objects and keep moisture/water out which would eliminate corrosion. ENCAP can apply OLED from its CoFormsolutions for either micro-encapsulation or screen coating thus eliminating any concerns regarding moisture and oxygen degradation. These coatings can be applied by spraying, dipping, or brushing depending upon the manufacturer's equipment.

Please read the Bio of our Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Robert G. Bayless, who exemplifies the qualifications and experiences that underlie the mastering and precision of this technology.

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ENCAP Technologies Video - 320 Pixels ENCAP Technologies Video - 480 Pixels
ENCAP Technologies Video - 320 Pixels ENCAP Technologies Video - 480 Pixels

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