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ENCAP Technologies, LLC, Tomorrow's Coating and micro-encapsulation Technology Today

ENCAP Technologies Revolutionizes the Coating Industry with a Moisture Barrier Polymer

Rusting RebarENCAP will soon make available, for global ownership, its core technology to companies that are capable of manufacturing and distributing this technology to meet the current and future demands of the global coating industry.  This technology could permit a company to dominate the coating industry where the industry’s objectives are eradicating, managing, and preventing global corrosion.

A Major Discovery

In summary, ENCAP has made a major discovery of a resin-based organic coating called, CoForm, that defies basic Organic Chemistry-101. It is well documented and commonly accepted in the organic science communities by polymeric scientists and chemical engineers, that all organic coatings (such as paints, varnishes, stains, industrial coatings, polyurethanes, polyurea, and epoxies) are permeable to oxygen and water\moisture. This simply means that these coatings, over time, permit the passage of oxygen and water through their surfaces. This reality makes these coatings poor protectors of metal against oxidation which, as we all know, forms the basis for corrosion. At best, these organic coatings merely inhibit or stall corrosion – some better than others.

Stopping Global Corrosion

Because CoForm is impermeable to oxygen and moisture\water it can STOP GLOBAL CORROSION. This scientific conclusion was made by Applied Technical Services, Inc. (“ATS”) during several Water Vapor Transmission Tests that it conducted on ENCAP’s behalf. ATS is a certified independent testing lab known and respected around the globe (see: www.atslab.com). In its findings, ATS determined that only 1/one-billionth [1/1,000,000,000th] of a grain of water vapor was able to penetrate ENCAP’s thin-films of coating.

Absolute Protection

Furthermore, ATS independently determined, through standard test methods1, that CoForm can provide quality adherence to a metal substrate while affording the metal substrate absolute protection against oxygen, moisture\water, salt and ultraviolet (UV) rays. ENCAP has completed its “proof-of-concept” which well establishes that the claims articulated in our seventeen (17) patents WORK. ENCAP has been granted six (6) U.S. Patents and eleven (11) foreign patents, including a patent from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China. These patents, together, offer ENCAP global infringement protection.

Global Corrosion Cost: $2.2 Trillion Per Year

How relevant is the fact that CoForm can stop corrosion you might ask? According to an independent corrosion analysis,2 the U.S., state and local governments, and private and public corporations spend $468 billion per year in direct costs fighting corrosion. Globally, we spend $2.2 trillion per year3 fighting and managing corrosion. As a result of these expenditures and during a time when current coating-options (globally) are not adequate, it is no wonder CoForm is positioned to become the coating-of-choice for the $183 trillion of global infrastructure projects  over the next 25 years. Simply stated, ENCAP offers one global solution, CoForm, for the globe’s single, yet complex problem—corrosion.

(1) Accelerated Cyclic Salt Fog\UV Exposure Tests of panels coated with CoForm involving 504 hours (or 21 days) of UV Exposure and 504 hours (21 days) of Cyclic Salt Spray Exposure and tested both adhesion and impermeability (or protective) qualities of CoForm.
(2) Conducted byJoshua E. Jackson, CEO of G2MT Labs.
(3) According to George F. Hays, Director General of the World Corrosion Orginization, NACE International Corrosion Society Conference. Fall 2010. 

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